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Skin treatment

Skin cancer and other surgeries in Columbus, NE

Not only is your skin the largest organ in your body, but it is also the body’s first defense against infection and disease. It regulates body temperature and controls the amount of fluid your body retains or loses, preventing dehydration. If your skin isn’t healthy or has abnormal growths, that could indicate additional problems in your body — and create major problems.

If you’re experiencing it, chances are the surgeons at Columbus General Surgery have seen it. We treat a wide range of skin problems, including:

Skin cancer treatment

We also provide comprehensive consultation, diagnosis and treatment for skin cancer. The three most common types of skin cancer are basal cell cancer, which is found in the deepest layer of the skin; squamous cell cancer, which is found on the surface of the skin; and melanoma, which is cancer of the skin cells that make pigment.

In many cases, we can surgically remove cancerous cells right in our office. Surgery involves removing the cancerous area itself and the fatty tissue underneath the cancer. We may also need to remove a small margin of healthy tissue around the cancer, as well. Our goal is to prevent the cancer from returning. In some situations, we may need to perform a skin graft, in which we transfer skin from another part of your body to close the wound.

Your skin is vital to your body’s health and well-being. Allow us to keep you safe by keeping your skin safe.

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