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Breast treatment

Care for breast cancer and other breast problems in Columbus, NE

While the number of deaths due to breast cancer has steadily decreased over the past three decades, it is still frightening for women (and some men) when they notice a change in one or both of their breasts. Of course, breast cancer is the biggest fear for many of these patients. But there are other problems for which a person might seek medical help, including:

  • Benign breast disease
  • Breast infection
  • Breast cysts

At Columbus General Surgery, our surgeons are highly skilled with treating multiple breast problems and performing biopsies to determine whether a suspicious lump is cancerous. 

When a patient does receive a cancer diagnosis, we are there to help them with the next step. For some patients, it can be difficult to function, much less make important decisions about their care plan. That’s where we come in: We present the options for breast surgery in a caring and compassionate manner, and we work with the patient to determine the best choice.

There are two main types of surgery to remove breast cancer:

  • Breast-conserving surgery – Also called a lumpectomy, this procedure’s goal is to keep as much of the breast intact as possible. The surgeon pinpoints exactly where the cancer is and removes only that section of the breast, along with some of the surrounding tissue.
  • Mastectomy – In this procedure, the surgeon removes the entire breast. In some cases, the cancer is confined to one breast, so the surgeon only removes one. However, some patients have cancer in both breasts, and others elect to have both breasts removed to decrease their chances of a recurrence. This is called a double mastectomy.

Our surgeons help you take the first important step in your battle against cancer. 

To make an appointment or learn more about breast treatment at Columbus General Surgery, call 402-564-5333.


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